Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bella's Birthday Party Set

Hey folks :) Been busy- pulling a few late nights and I can feel them creeping up on me :P Oh well- I'll get back to normal scheduling.... eventually. So my baby-no-so-baby turned four last week and, as is tradition in the Nellis household, we had her birthday party with family on her actual birthday, and waited a week before throwing her birthday party with her friends. It's nicer that way because we can wait til payday and I have time to make all the little invites and such. Speaking of 'and such'- here is her party sets:
I was trying to be a bit more inventive with my camera. It's not the best one- but hey! It works :) I used an old skirt of mine (actually- it was my 'wedding' dress lol- yea, I wore burgendy- AND black!) But I've seen so many interesting photo 'shoots' done with people's artwork and I think that it looks better and was fun to set up- now to buy some pretty material to do this on a continuous basis :)!
SO- what we have here are party favours, invitations and cupcake toppers. The invites were really simple to do- a simple purse card. I used velcro to keep it closed and they were a BIG hit with all the little girls. The cupcake toppers were fun :) I got the idea from Wilton- but also from my mom. My neice turned 1 and mom was looking for "Happy Birthday" candies to put on the cake. I don't think they make them anymore, and then inspiration struck- what if I made a banner to put on the cake? You can use lollipop sticks to make it stand up on the cake and you now have a keepsake. I didn't make one for Bella's party because we did cupcakes and I did mini toppers (shown above) But here is a Tori's cake banner:
It's not a great picture- sorry :( But I used my Cricut storybook cartridge for the background and for the flowers and butterflies, I inked some vellum and embossed it with glitter/embossing powder and cut them out with my Marvy and Fiskars punches.
But back to Bella's birthday! : The cupcake banners were really cute and easy- I used the Wilton small lollipop sticks again- and just made simple squares using my scallope die cuts and the papers I used to wrap the goodies found in the party favours. You could spell words on them, or say "Thank you" or the child's birthday. I find these SO versatile and I can't wait to do them for other cupcakes for other occassions :)! Then for the party favours, I copied the idea of the invites to the party favours. They are a bit bigger than the invites (5x11 sheet of paper used as opposed to 4.5x10 for the invites). To make it 3D I scored it at 4, 5, 9 and 10. I only had a small tab left so I used that to make a 'flap' for the purse with a different colour and adhered it to the flap. On the inside, I made a 3D 3 inch pocket. Pretty simple- then I made a box to slide in the pocket.
The favours themselves were VERY inexpensive- the most costly thing was $1.00/ box of crayons- but I DID buy the unwashable (or the ones that don't say washable) because they were cheaper. We who have a Mr. Clean magic eraser will be okay with this :P those who don't- can spend the extra for washable crayons OR buy a huge box of crayons and just mix and match colours so the kids don't have the same old same old that you always find :) I also made some chocolate bars- it was fun using wiltons Write a Message chocolate mold- I didn't write a message- but I mixed the chocolate with nuts and made some almond bars. Also, I went to some different colouring pages sites and downloaded some Bratz colouring pages. I opened the page up and saved it so it was the largest size and I 'inserted photos' onto Microsoft Word and printed them on 3x5 sheets of paper and trimmed them. So here are the goodies all close up:
Again- they were a big hit with the kids :) and so simple! Not taking into account the pennies spent on adhesive and printer ink, a box (including goodies) is $3.15 each (CND) to make and all the materials. I matched prices and to buy a package of boxes, chocolate bars, a colouring book of the same size (ish) and crayons would be $4.50 each at the dollar store (CND) and to buy the really cheap stuff would run you about $3.15- so for the same price- and some fun- you can make your own. I've seen the girls pack around the purses like toys- so it's really worth the effort if you love doing this stuff- which I do :)
So now I have to go and clean up from said party :P Hope you all have an awesome day, and I'll come back and post real soon!

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