Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Stop

Sorry folks- no new projects yet- working my behind off for quite a few gifts: babies and birthdays and grads OH MY! LOL- I have some b-day cards, invites and favours to work on for my daughter, a customer and my darling neice who is ONE today :) I can't wait to show you new cake topper ideas that can co-ordinate with your favours and invites and are SUPER quick to put together :) So simple- I am so excited! And? They last so much longer than candy 'happy birthday' peices or icing decorations. Then I have some wedding and grad cards for a friend, grad for one of my Sunday School students who is graduating from high school this year and a precious little baby needing thank you cards. I've been so busy with personal projects for other people and some customers that I have yet to make any more samples for my webstore.
I am so stoked :) I had my Stampin' Up party last night and in two weeks (OR LESS :D) I'll be playin' with some new toys! I also am ordering a stampin' up personal stamp so I can sell my stuff and still adhere to their angel policy- SO IMPORTANT! I never thought of stuff like that until I was checking out some company sites- glad I found that out BEFORE selling :) I am also stoked cuz I am not ready to become a demonstrator yet- I want to save up for the kit and learn how to drive first (nope- still don't have my learners even- planning on remedying that this summer!) so I have my own demonstrator and I have worked it out so I can set some cash aside each project and paycheque to get some goodies each time a new catalogue comes out. I admit it- I am NOW offically addicted to stampin' up! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN MY ORDER YET! lol- so that's it for now- better get back to work so I can get my projects done for everyone and have something other than 'news' to blog- laters!

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