Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Wishes

Hello folks! Yes it's been a long time since I've posted on here- I hope you all forgive me- blogging, crafting and generally having time to myself is ellusive with the arrival of a newborn! Welcome to the world Mathias Alexander Nellis!
So there's mae boy! The reason for non-blogging and no-crafting. I have been able to squeeze in a bit as of late though. It's been tough, my other 'baby' will be five in April and adjusting to the whole new lack of sleep/changing diapers phase hasn't been easy- especially with out needy this new little one is. BUT having had three kids already, I know that it's just a phase and it'll be over far too quickly.
Now- on to some crafting :D
Easter is only a few days away, and I have decided to become a bit ambitious- I made a few sets of Easter boxes to sell online. I need to remember to make a Stampin' Up tag to go with them all as the materials (stamps, inks and wheels) are all from Stampin' Up. Speaking of which, if I do sell these boxes off and get a decent income tax return- I can have another big box of goodies show up at my door- hehehehehe- they are so addictive! I rationed out the paper I bought last year because I can't buy all the time, but it is a nice treat!
SO the first is my Carrot Patch box:
It was fun to design this cute little box- I could even make a box to put it in so it's a bit easier to give as a gift, but I'd need a 12x12 sheet to do that, and I'm not THAT ambitious right now! I cut 3 1.5 inch circles side by side on the the top to house 3 12 inch decorators bags from Wilton, and filled those bags with small candies (here I used peanut M & M's, plain M & M's and Hershey chocolate candy eggs) I trimmed about 2 inches off the top of the bags so they wouldn't be HUGE! A person could even stamp on the bags with Stazon ink- I don't have any of that so I didn't do that- but I think it would be really cute! I used my Martha Stewart fence punch and made a fence around the base. THEN I stamped a garden on white cardstock with my Itty Bitty Buds set (I use it a LOT can't ya tell?) and adhered it about 1/2 way up the base- hiding the seem with Martha Stewart punch around the page Flower Shower border punch and some teal silk ribbon from Michaels. It was pretty simple to assemble, the box was scored at 3 inches all the way around- leaving a 2.5 inch x 5 inch base- you'll have to trim the sides a bit to make the sides fit, but it wasn't too bad. To add some interest, I used my It's Beautiful stampin' around jumbo wheel (I can't remember the name of the one I used on the backside of the white garden- I took the sticker off!)
Next I have my milk cartons- these were hard to figure out- but fun once I got them going!
I called these milk carton duets.

So as you can see- the milk cartons are done with acetate, not easy to figure out how to do, but once I did, it was cake making them. I love the easter colours! So classic, yellow, lavender, teal and pink! In order to make these, I had to pick apart the milk carton tutorial found on Splitcoast stampers.
Step 1 is to create the base. I used a 3.5 inch square and scored it at 0.5 inch all the way around. To add dimmension I used a standard Stampin' around wheel. Using ink a similar colour of the cardstock was able to give it a watercolour look. Then I assembled the bottom, easy peasy.
Step 2 I took a peice of acetate measuring 10.5x2.5 inches and scored at 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10, adhereing the 0.5 tab to the edge. I added sticky tape along the bottom of the acetate and squeezed it into my base. The carton top was a bit harder to figure out.
Step 3 Cut a peice of cardstock 3x10.5 inches. I again used my Stampin' Around wheel to add a punch of colour ( I can't remember the names of them- so bear with me!) I scored .5 inch on both the top and the bottom, then I scored it at 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10- then follow the score pattern for the top of the milk carton: They have the score lines drawn out- just follow that pattern :) The bottom .5 inch is not to be scored, that's just the peice that adheres to the top of the acetate. NOW! DO NOT ASSEMBLE THE TOP! Repeat, do NO assemble the top yet. I tried assembling the top and then adhereing it to the acetate- didn't work very well. Very messy. SO to save you some time, follow these directions: add peices of sticky strip along the bottom .5 inch (the peices that would adhere to the acetate) then adhere it side by side to the acetate, that way you can make sure that your sides are all aligned. Then, once all 4 sides are attached to the acetate, attach the tab to the inside and adhere the top of the milk carton as per instructions on splitcoast. I hope that's easy enough to understand! Like I said, I'm not a great teacher and I don't have a recorder to video myself to show you what I mean. BUT I loved the overall effect. To hide the box seems I used my SU border punch and attached that top and bottm, finished with an embellishment and ribbon and filled with candy! The box that they came in was easy to put together, I took a 7.75 x 5 peice of cardstock, scored at 1.75 inches all around, trimmed the edges with my border punch and added a handle. Embellish then VOILA you're done!
Well, that should be about it for me- at least for now until the baby wakes up- my house has become a den of "I'll get to it laters" and I should get to it now.... after I make a homemade iced cap! - oh okay, 1 more 'tutorial' for ya then:
Homemade Iced Caps
1 cup of ice/crushed
1/2 cup of milk
3 tbsp international coffee of your choice (I use French Vanilla)
AND if you want a punch of sweet yumminess-
1 cup of vanilla ice cream
Blend, enjoy YUM-O! lol have a great day everyone!