Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Onesies!

I love making baby things. They are so much fun with the variety of colours, stamps, images etc. at our disposal. I also love taking the art of stamping 'out of the box' and doing different things with them. I fell in love with the idea of stamping on baby onesies. I've done 12 (3 different sets boxed up with 4 onesies in each) for gifts, and now these 13 here for sale. I tried selling on line to no avail, but my town has a local Farmer's Market, both in my little 'village' and in the city 10 minutes away- so I'll take them there and see how that goes!
The great thing about stamping on fabric is that you're only as limited as your imagination allows. Much like stamping on paper, you can really go for broke. You can add ribbon and buttons and other embellishments, some people don't as they are afraid of them digging into baby, but I haven't had any complaints yet, so I think smaller ones would be alright, as they would have snaps or zippers on store bought onesies. You can also add glitter. You can't add Stickles, I guess they wash off (found that out through another blog, no trial and error there for me), but you can buy dimmensional glitter glue for fabric. I found mine in the fabric aisle at Michaels, and they come in a variety of colours. I don't do the 3D thing like it says you can do, but I do 'paint' it on, with either an eyeshadow brush or toothpick or lollipop stick. Whatever.The stamps here are a collection of clear stamps from Inkadinkado, with some Stampin' Up stamps thrown in the mix. I have little cat eye pads of Martha Stewart ink and Colorbox ink- pigment ink apparantly works the best, but you DO have to heat set it! I practised on a shirt of mine, and Stampin' Up classic ink does work, but the image fades.
Now, to make it more appealing, I also enjoyed boxing them up in these cute little coordinating boxes. It's tough to try and make the acetate fit into the box base sometimes, but once you get that out of the way, embellishing them are alot of fun! I also enjoyed cutting out sayings and images from my cricut and the New Arrival cartridge and layering them instead of doing a traditional stamp. Hope you get inspiraton from all these and enjoy making your own- I will warn you tho, they ARE very addictive.
Take care!