Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapbook Book Box Set

Isn't life sometimes surprising? I FINALLY finished doing another Book Box Set, this time using mini scrapbooks instead of folders for cards. I finished it yesterday and gave it to my friend for her daughter. She wanted pink and lime green- very retro cool! My daughter saw one and wanted her own set now- I would probably make hand made embellishments and package them up as Lexie loves scrapbooking on her own. In fact, all she wanted from her father and I for Christmas was a complete scrapbook kit in a size 8x8. It took a while to find a girly one that wasn't wedding engagment or baby girl and they don't have refill kits of anything but. Oh well- I can make her her own kits! It's neat that she's into something that I'm into and we can share that.
So anyways, I finished the box set for my friend and wanted to blog a tutorial and I went on Splitcoast Stampers and checked out some wonderful projects for ideas and lo-and-behold someone used my idea! WOW! That just struck me as amazing that someone would want to take a spin on something I made. Here's the link to her spin on my Book Box Set, along with her own tutorial of it:
I hope the link works- I couldn't copy and paste it and I had to type it by hand :S Sophia's idea was to use it as a stationary set with envies, notecards and paper- VERY pretty :) I think it is neat to see different uses for different tutorials. I love how different minds can come up with very unique projects. My original idea was for cards, then a friend of mine wanted to know if the 'books' can be scrapbooks. I whipped something up and I was able to come up with this:
The complete box measures 5x7x2- so it does require a 12x12 sheet of cardstock to complete it. Cut the cardstock to 12x11 and then I scored the cardstock at 5 inches on both sides across, then at 2 inches on the top and bottom. Cut the scorelines in the middle (it will be a 2 inch x2 inch tab) on the top and bottom and then fold the sides over and adhere together. Very easy peasy. NOTE: if you want to embellish your box- do it before you assemble it :D I used So Swirly Jumbo wheel by Stampin' Up to embelish my box. The books were 5x7x0.5 inches. I just cut some cardstock to 10.5x7 (I don't know the exact measurements- but I shrunk the sides and the top by 1 tick on my cutter- I THINK it's 1/16th or 1/8th of an inch? Something like that? To give yourself more wiggle room so your books aren't sticking out of the box). Now- for my cards, the box was smaller as it just held standard A2 cards so that box was 4.5x5.5x2 and I just made a pocket to hold the cards in each book. This time, for a scrapbook, I made it so you can put standard 4x6 photos in it using homemade photo mats and an EK Success corner punch.To make the pages of the book, I cut white cardstock to 10x7 (minus a couple of ticks so we don't have paper sticking out!) and folded them in half. I did that with 5 peices of paper and adhered them with double stick tape back to back so I'd have sturdy pages. Then I adhered the last page to the back of the book. I inked the edges of my photo mats and then embossed them with my glitter/embossing powder mix. I highlighted the edges of my journaling pages with my SU! standard wheels and used my Bitty Buds SU! stamp set for embellishing the pages. I don't have a photo- but the back page of each book had either 2 mini envelopes for memorabilia or a pocket with an insert for more journaling or notes. To add interest with embelishments, I added rhinestones and ribbon from Michaels and stickles. To make my own flowers, I used my tiny 6 petal flower punch from EK Success, using 2 different coloured cardstock, I covered the flowers with stickles, waited until they dried and then layered then- 1 flower on the other and used a rhinestone for the center. When you make your books- you'll have a bit of space in the inside as there are enough pages to give you wiggle room to add a bit of bulkier (not too bulky) embelishements.
Because the box was 2 inches wide and each book was .05 inches wide I was able to fit four books in. remember to cut a half circle, or other shape, into the sides of the books as a bit of a 'peeka boo' and so you can slide your books out with ease. Here are some photos of the layouts in the other books:

I stamped the outter edges of the books to leave some interest. Now they can hold your 4x6 photos and be placed on your bookshelf without taking up as much room as a large 12x12 album.
Now- the instructions for the Book Box Set for cards is exactly the same idea- but you use an 11x9.5 sheet of cardstock instead, and then score each side (length ways) at 4.5 inches and then score 2 inches top and bottom. You COULD use an 11x8.5 sheet- but you'd have to cut a seperate panel and adhere it peice by peice. I found it easier to just use 12x12 size. Sophia only had 3 books on her stationary set- so you could even use 11x8.5 size and just make 1 less book so you don't have to worry about cardstock being too small. Again- she's got the tutorial for what she made over at her blog- take a look, her take on a stationary set was VERY elegant with some really pretty colours :)
Well- that's it for me! Three weeks and 1 day (and counting...) til the newest member of the Nellis clan is due to arrive and now with the hubabalo of Christmas gone, I may even have some time and energy to craft for fun! Thanks for stopping by!