Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting

Hey folks and happy Wednesday!

I hope today sees you all well. I was in an amazing mood with spending some much needed quality time with God- then I read something heartbreaking and it's hard to focus. I ask all of you that pray- to please pray for my friend Dale. Her daughter was admited to the Stollery Children's Hospital Feb. and has been struggling with infection and illness. She is on the mend, but unfortunatly because of the infection needed to have both legs amputated and her one hand amputated, as well as some fingers from her other hand. It was heartbreaking reading Dale's update when her little girl (one year old) came back from surgery missing these things. She knew and was aware it was happening, but it doesn't make it any easier- you know? So I'm just thinking of her and praying for her. Thanks for letting me express this :)

On a lighter note, (and a very happier note!) my Stampin' Up demonstrator kit is due to arrive by Friday evening. I've been stalking it on the UPS site and it may even be here sooner ;) WOOT! This being said and their regulations for electronic communications I will be blogging more SU stuff and highlighting their products. I also have a Stampin' Up Blog that I'll try to update often (when I have the stuff!) that's me :) So despite the sorrow in my heart for my friend, I am still looking forward to this venture for myself. I am excited because I had NO idea what a good company they are! Their support and training is amazing and I've learned so much in the few days I've placed my demo kit order. Plus my upline is amazing :) (just in case she adds me to her blog roll :P Lol!) Seriously tho- smart lady with some great ideas that I can not WAIT to implement.

One of those ideas is a Stamp Club. Ummm. HOW Have I never heard of these before? I can't tell you how stoked I am to start one! (or 2 or 3- depending how successful this is ;) ) I am also buying a table at a Trade Show in town for the end of the month and have goodies lined up to give away to anyone wanting to host their own party. Getting excited! Also able to set up the Paper Gift Boutique and maybe get some more orders there. One thing that seems to be a big hit are the stamped t-shirts/onesies. Here are some I made yesterday:

These stamps are not SU ones- but with being a demonstrator I can't wait to take part in the discount and add some letters, trains, MORE flowers (I love flowers) and animals to my sets to do these :) They are WELL receieved by their recipients and doing the letters allows me to personalize them with names or words. I can't wait to make my neice one :D It'll say "Princess Pookie" (Pookie is her nickname).

It's also Spring Vacation up here- but ya wouldn't know it :/ Northern Alberta definatly gives meaning to the sterotype to the fact that there is snow in Canada all year long. Sure feels like it! lol- my son even said it is like we're in Narnia! But alas, thankfully, the snow is starting to melt and I can kick the kids outside (YAY!) *sigh* I love 'em- but the peace was nice.

SO that's it for me- loving this blogging thing and looking forward to sharing some sweet treats I plan on making with my new SU stuff :D take care!