Monday, September 7, 2009

Thank You

I am a fairly new blogger, and not-so-new-crafter :) And to see people actually coming and reading and following my blog makes me a happy Brandie. I'd LOVE to be one of those 'bloggers' that you can't wait to read every day and gets those 'Good Blogger' awards. I have a ways to go yet- I realize- but you guys make me want to keep bloggin' my heart out. To know I have friends in the blogging community that come on here means a lot to me. So thank you :) thank you for your comments (which I definatly read and appreciate!) and following me :) Find me on Splitcoast stampers as lexgabella- I post different pics on there than I do here sometimes.
BUT I just came on to check out how my blog is doing and saw some comments and that made my day- so I just wanted to thank all of you for reading :)
Much love and God bless!

Slow Goings

I am so excited :) After six weeks I FINALLY finished some baby gifts I was working on- woo hoo! lol- I am not the most motivated person- tho I love crafting. I need to get my act in gear because I finished some onesie sets as gifts, posted the photos on some local Facebook groups so I can start earning money crafting. I was trying to take kids in for a daycare type thing- but that isn't me. I like kids- I have kids- but to be one of those organized, structured dayhomes is not for me. I am more laid back and let the kids do what they'd like (so long as it's safe!) I don't like structured time unless it's eating and bedtimes. Other than that- if you want to play- PLAY! So yea, I don't think I'm cut out for that- so I am working on crafting for a living- why not eh? Do what you love- earn money to buy more goodies and who knows where to go from there?
SO I finally finished those onesies, as I was saying, and they were fun! Who knew that stamping didn't have to be limited to paper (insert maniacal laughter here).
So here's one gift set, I call it Safari- and boy did my Zooballoo cartridge get a workout!

All stamps are from Inkadinkadoo's acrylic stamp sets- I am unsure of the names, but one is the Baby Boy set and the other is the Baby girl set. I saw some BEAUTIFUL swirled onesies that I can't wait to try doing from SCS. So I mixed and matched the stamps, using the giraffe from the baby girl set and the elephant from the baby boy set. These onesies are from WalMart- they come in packs of four for $15 CND. The glitter is added by Scribbles dimmensional fabric paint. They are 3D paint, but I glooped it on carefully and 'painted' it where I wanted it with toothpicks. Then you can embelish with buttons, string, ribbon- whatever :) NOW my sister made a point- the buttons are tiny and someone stated that they were worried about their child rolling on their tummy and the embellishments pushing in on their skin- I think that the buttons are small enough that it shouldn't bother them- I think of zippers. The zippers push in, but don't seem to bother babies. ANYWAYS that's my thought- I could be wrong. We shall see. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then stamp away to create faux embellishments :)
For the safari set I used my Zooballoo cartridge which not only has a full alpha set, but animals for each letter and some cute 'backgrounds' for the animals. I used the grass and the vines, highlighting them with green ink. To find out how to make the boxes- check out my Milk Crate tutorial in October, 2008. The boxes were just simple acetate boxes, you can find the tutorial for that on Splitcoast stampers- which is where I found it :) Super easy and really cute for a baby shower gift! (I'd suggest NOT doing newborn ones- as we know how fast they can outgrow them!)
So here are some other ones I made:

For both sets I used the SU! Beautiful Little Baby single stamp and It's Beautiful Stampin' Around Wheel for the girl one and an old Flourishes stamp set that I forget the maker for for the boy set and Martha Stewart punches for both.
Here are some tips: I did use pigment ink (I practiced on some of my old tank tops) NOW they DO work but here's some tips: 1. Stamp hard! BUT stamp careful- we don't want smudged! 2. Iron both sides of garments. I put a piece of chipboard between the front and back of my onesie, then placed parchment paper and a dish towel over the image and ironed both sides like that for at least two minutes. 3. If using fabric glitter or paint, you DO need to let it set for 24hrs- so no sewing or stamping til that's dry! Hope that all helped :) You do need to wash it inside out in cold water and hang to dry- I washed in cold water and dried it normaly (my tank top) and didn't turn it inside out- the image DID stay- but was pretty faded.
SO! That's how Brandie does onesies- I hope you try it yourself and package them up all pretty! I hope if you do try making these sets that you enjoy making them as much as the recipient will enjoy getting them!
Thanks for reading!