Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weddings in May...

I can't beleive how much time seems to pass- and yet no time at all. I have been going to the same church now for almost six years. I was pregnant with my son- who will be six himself in October. It's a great church and I love it- it's smaller, but that's what I love. It's got that family vibe and I've made close friendships with other wives and mothers my age that I can relate to, as well as older ones that can mentor me and be examples to look up to. It's awesome and I love it. When we first started, we had a different Pastor who had a young daugher- in her mid-teens. Well now six years later, that little girl is all grown up and getting married today. My parents were closer to her parents so they are going to the wedding. So I whipped up another quick card. It wasn't as quick as the last one- cuz I tried a to make a blue card- and you should use a Stampin' Around wheel and then emboss over it with a texture plate. Looks dumb. Maybe others have made it work- but I couldn't. So put that in my mental "do not do again' pile and try a different technique.
Now I love gatefold cards and have tried different ways of doing them- I find them ellaborate and elegant with out being busy and over-the-top. I have never tried one this way. AND AURG! lol- I NEED to keep the camera out of reach of my beautiful children! As you can see- there is a smudge spot on the lens. I can't re-take the photo because I already gave the card to my mom who is at the wedding right now- and I had lost my camera cord last night so I couldn't upload it. Oh well- I hope you all get the gist of it :) As you can tell- I am in love with my new Fabric Fancies Primas- I NEED more colours (why is it that it's never just cardmaking- it's always an addiction. hmmm. Strange- ANYWAYS!) I don't know what this fold is called, but using a 5.5x11 piece of cardstock I scored at 1.5 and 3.5 on both sides and then folded the 1.5 inwards and the 3.5 outwards. I used my Swirly cuttlebug folder and embossed the 1.5 folds and then cut the edges using my Eyelet border punch. I highlighted the edges with gold ink by Colorbox.

On the sides I cut some DSP from the Bella Rose pack at 5.25x1.75 and adhered them under the outter flat. I printed the sentiments on vellum and mounted it on the DSP using sheer ribbon from Michales. I love the mixture of Gold, Pink and White- and this one turned out better than I had pictured the original in my head :)
So now that I am getting better at this whipping cards up in no time- I think I am on a roll and can start stashing up some! Now to only do the same with envelopes- maybe just buy myself a stack of A2- I've now gotten in the habit of making standard sized cards lol. So anyways- that's it for today- have an awesome weekend! OH- what will *I* be doing? Nothing much- just packing for our new place WOO HOO (first time home owner syndrom- sorry!)
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Deb said...

Beautiful card!! So elegant looking.