Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Grandma's Birthday

Well I have great news and excellent news :) Great news? I had no idea how much time I actually wasted (okay- maybe that's just enlightening news). I actually sat and crafted without spending forever on the computer or being distracted by t.v. and I can really do some creative damage in a small amount of time! Knowing this I hope to whip up more projects and be more faithful in updating my blog :) I would love to do this for a few reasons- one I do love crafting and blogging- it's nice staying involved in the virtual crafting world. The other is that I do love making cards and crafts for my loved ones- but by the time a shower or a birthday comes- I have procrastinated and didn't think I'd have the time to make anything. That is actually not true I have found. BUT for times when I am really that busy it would be nice to have some 'back ups' especially if a loved one wants a card to give away- I'm prepared :)
Excellent news? We were approved for our very first mortgage- our bid went through on the modular we want and now we are just waiting for all the legal stuff to go through :) I have an excellent craft space now- and it's going to be a bit tight in our new place- but you make due with what you have. Besides- if all goes well and we really do love the place- I'd love to add an addition later in life with two extra rooms. My daughter is 8 now and when she's a teen I'd love to give her her own space. I shared a room with my sister since the time she was born- and it wasn't too bad- but there were times that I wish I had my own room.
SO today is my grandmother's birthday. I didn't think I'd have time to make her anything- boy was I wrong! I did the box from clearlyistamp again (it is so easy to put together) and got to showcase more of my stampin' up goodies! AND I've never done THIS before- but I made a co-ordinating card! So here they are:
I used new Raspberry Tart DSP- it is a bit loud- but in small doses and with the right cardstock it is quite striking. My grandma loved the box I made myself and wanted one too- so I made this for recipes. I used the medallion technique from SCS to do the top- I was trying to scallop a square- but this happened instead- and it's all good! I was a silly girl- if you haven't noticed- and didn't buy myself ANY birthday stamps! Tons of thank yous- oh yea- but NO birthday. None struck me- but until I order some I will still be doing the ol' font and computer technique.
So I put the 'medallion' peice down on the DSP and then popped the outside up with pop dots. I liked the bouquet of Primas- their new Fairytale line is simply GORGEOUS! I also used the glitter flowers on the card. So I just tried to incorporate some of the same ideas into the card.

I am pretty impressed with whipping this up in only a half hour. No kidding- it takes me a complete day to plan out a card and do it- because I get distracted and try different things. I love the simplicity of this- I don't think I realized how simple it could be. I always wanted to do elaborate cutting and such- and tho that is pretty and unique, sometimes you can't go wrong with classics- especially if you have limited time! BUT it's time to make dinner here for the family- thanks for stopping by!

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