Friday, June 1, 2012

Crazy May and New Catalogue

Sorry for the obvious lack of posts folks, May has been chaotic. Trying to make my own submission for the Stampin' Up! artisian design team (in which my priority post parcel was NOT sent in on time so I am no longer a contestant- kinda upset about that. Will give myself more time next year). Then trying to do a few interviews to get more children into my dayhome. Then there is my daughter's (very) belated birthday party and my cousin's baby shower. Top that off with starting a new child in the day home at 6am and there is a big lack of creativity as of late. BUT being as I have newly found love in pinterest AND have just discovered the fun of creating my own paper flowers and rosettes, rest assured I'll have new stuff very soon (as soon as I work out the kinks in my schedule!)

BUT it's June 1st and I wanted to welcome in the new 2012-2013 Annual Catalogue. You may have heard tell it was smaller and that it got rid of a bunch of products- and while these are BOTH true, I haven't noticed a difference. My big "awes" that are gone are the Decor Blocks as the decor elements are no longer offered, as well as the simply sent card kits. The Simply Scrappin' kits are still here- and it looks like they added 1 or 2 kits more than they used to offer (I could be wrong there, I'll have to check)- but I also figured I'd make my own card kits as I've seen demos do. You can be more creative and aren't limited. The other things I've noticed was instead of pictures and a description of each item, a'la older catalogues, is that they have a more creative way of displaying the product so you can see close up what you'll be getting. It's really neat photography and more magazine-ish (to me anyways). There also isn't a photo index in the back with all the Stampin' Around wheels- just your basic product numbers BUT each wheel is in it's own home as all the products are divided up into their catagories as well as product suites. It's more stream line and yet still has the same amount of impact with full colour images of products, samples and, as always, full sized stamp images.

I have been pinteresting and googling a lot of different how-tos and images so I can't wait to share with you what I've learned and begin to incorporate all the awesome products in the new catalogue. Needless to say, my own wish list is pretty extensive ;) Glad that they've replaced old favourites with amazing new stuff!

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