Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Shower Blues....Browns & Vanillas

Hey all! Have been pretty busy whipping up goodies for my cousin's baby shower that was last Sunday. Then I gotta get going for my daughter's (2 month belated) birthday party and then some teacher's gifts and classmate favours.
As far as the baby shower is concerned, I had SO much fun creating Rosettes or Flourettes (whatever you'd like to call them). Stampin' Up! has a wonderful XL die that does the cutting and scoring for you, and you can trim your paper to the width you'd like. If you want to have a bit more versatility in sizes, you can just use the Simply Scored tool and create them that way! They can be tedious when you make dozens of them (as I did last week!) You can score them at 1/2 an inch or 1/4 of an inch. You can go as small as 1/2 inch wide (which you'd have to score at 1/4 of inch intervals) and only need 1 strip of paper 11 inches long, or you can do it as wide as 2 or 3 inches- but you'll need more than one strip.
So, using the Tempting Turquois, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla colour palette, I went ahead with a TON of  rosettes:

 Here I created the Free Standing Pop-Up card. The base is chocolate chip, and then I used Chocolate Chip ink and an expired Jumbo Wheel to create dimmension. I then created 3 rosettes, one in Very Vanilla, Tempting Turquois and Chocolate Chip at .5 inchx11 inch and scored at 1/4 inch intervals. It was pretty tricky to adhere them, so I used a hot glue gun, and dabbed it on the centre of the rosette and then added a 1/2 inch circle and some rhinestones. I used some cream colour and teal ribbons to finish off the front. The pop up portion is a sheet of Very Vanilla, stamped in Chocolate Chip using the jumbo wheel and inked on the edges with some Tempting Turquouis ink. I printed out the info on little baby Liam, and then added a black and white pic printed from my printer on some Very Vanilla cardstock.

After the baby announcements were finished, I made a cupcake tower and cupcake wrappers. Please note- you shouldn't just use an unassembled rosette for cupcake wrappers. They don't work. The curve in them flattens out and then they are just a circle *sigh*. Ah well. The rosette sign and tower turned out well, I think:
I used a die cut machine to create the "Baby" letters and then just glued the rosettes over and under each other. The layers go: Chocolate Chip Cardstock and cut with a border edge punch. Then Very Vanilla, stamped with a Stampin' Around Jumbo wheel and Tempting Turquois, using the Scalloped Border punch to create the edge. Then a jumbo scalloped circle and then the letters. The tower is created using some Wilton Cake rounds and just basic floral foam from a craft store. I covered the foam using hot glue and pieces of Very Vanilla stamped in a swirled jumbo wheel and Chocolate Chip ink. I added a silk brown ribbon around them and then glued the BABY sign to the top layer. Then I took some Tempting Turquois and trimmed it with the Scalloped border punch and adhered to the edge of each cake round.

For a new type of party favour, I created some flower pots with Chocolate Lollipops. The coolest thing? I filled the pots with Jelly Belly jelly beans. In my super market, they sell each flavour seperately, so I was able to get the three colours I wanted: I got "Chocolate Chip" (root beer), "Very Vanilla" (coconut) and "Tempting Turquois" (berry blue). It was kinda neat!
 They were so cute to throw together! I took some Turquois paint and painted the outside of the flower pot- 2 coats! I wrapped some cream coloured wedding tulle and tied a knot (being as they were in a bolt instead of circles- I had to cut my lengths and they were too narrow to wrap underneath so I just wrapped them around and tied them). Then I added some chocolate coloured silk ribbon around the top and I used a glue dot to make it stick and not shift.

I made three of these puppies, and I made 3 large rosettes as focal points on them. Instead of using an image on them, I decided to use a simple Tempting Turquois button. I added a strip of Chocolate Chip in the holes to give it a finished look.

I then made some Chocolate Lollipops- SUCH a cute, fun and easy party favour! I used a caramel recipe and peanut butter filling recipe and just coated some smiley faced lollipop moulds from Wilton and filled them with the candy filling. Let them chill and used strips of tulle to tie the lollys.
 I made even MORE rosettes (there were LOTS!) in Chocolate Chip and Tempting Turquois and then added a scalloped circle on each. I then cut out 1 1/2 circles that I embossed and inked. Then I filled the pot with jelly beans and that seemed to stabalize the candy.

My cousin just loved them so I was happy that she was happy. I am definately making more of these pots and these rosettes- so stay tuned to see more! Thanks for stopping by!


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