Thursday, November 27, 2008

To Give Thanks...

Well- Happy Thanksgiving Day my American Brethren!!! Now, I AM Canadian- so I celebrated thanksgiving last month (I believe the first Monday of October... I think...) BUT as a Christian, I can celebrate thanksgiving everday :D And in doing my morning devotions, it was revealed to me in Our Daily Bread that thanksgiving isn't just being grateful for the things we possess, it is an attitude that permeats our relationship with Christ. We can also be thankful in our sufferings (as hard as that is!) but we can, because we know that God who brought us to it will get us through it. I am living proof of MANY things God has brought me out of. I wont go into detail, as I want this to be a happy post- but know that I know that God is all in all because I am proof of His goodness, faithfulness and care.
So- speaking of thankfulness in suffering- I suffered a couple of days ago. You may see that I have a blog entry with only a date- that's cuz I'm not very techniqually equipped and my entire blog entry got erased. I was upset. I was down and didn't want to retype the WHOLE THING. But- as Joyce Meyers says I have a choice, I can grumble about it (which accomplishes NOTHING) OR- I can do it again. So I choose to do it again. There isn't anything else I can do, because grumbling does nothing but steal my joy- and I am really tired of having my joy stole! It's so much more liberating to live with joy than bitterness- I tell ya what!! And considering I have lived a great deal of my life in either of these categories at one point or another, today I choose joy. It's liberating, as well, to know that you can choose your thinking and you attitude. SO all that grateful faith talk aside: lets get to some serious business- STAMPING!!!
I will remind you of the story of the card set I made for a door prize for the church's 10 year anniversary. I posted it on FaceBook and a friend of mine loved the snowflake one and asked me to make her a set for her mom. I FINALLY finished it (not only am I going to be more thankful- I'm also going to quit procrastinating!!!!) so here is the finished box:

She did love it- and said she just may steal it from her mom- lol. I do take that as a compliment. It is a simple 4.5x4.5 standard box. It's also 1.5 inches high instead of 1 inch so I can stuff a couple more cards in there. I do love the little card boxes- they are fun to do and a great way to bring the entire project together- but I just wish they could fit more than four cards and four envies in it! This one fits six.
So I made four of the cards that I made before that she liked. I did a tutorial of how I did them in a previous post, but here is the card again:

The only thing different I did from the cards she saw was I didn't make punched out snowflakes from some glittery blue cardstock to put on the sentiment. I used my hubby's idea (and he says he's not crafty!!!) and used a peice of vellum and inked and embossed the edges to look like a 'window'. I love the way that man thinks! AND I am happy with how it turned out too! This was a second attempt, as my first attempt was with silver ink and it turned out too 'smokey'.
So as a bonus, I also made a couple of the following cards, that way if they want to order more, they have a bit of variety!

I was really happy with this one. I used the same tools and supplies as the previous card (except the border punch). I just wanted to see how versatile a few basic supplies could be. I got the base idea from SCS. The person on there folded the card down and embossed the base and punched the edge. I do have to tell you to punch first THEN emboss. I did it the other way around and I wound up tearing the edge. I also layered them again- I am really lovin' that technique! I am also in love with glitter- in case you haven't noticed!! Then I capped it off with some inexpensive sheer ribbon- available at Michaels for $6.00 ish CND and you get a LOT on a spool! And added some rhinestones. They were large enough to just use small zots to adhere it.
So now that I've shared that twice!! I hope it goes through! Being as this is a blog and I can share some personal stuff on it too (like my faith!) I thought I'd share with you all the fact that it was my FIFTH anniversary on the 22nd of this month! We couldn't do much that day as hubby had to work, but this weekend his parents are taking ALL THREE of our children (nothing short of a miracle!) for the entire weekend and Chris and I are going to do some Christmas shopping and take in lunch. He has had days off in the week before where we only have our three year old- and that was always nice, but I am really excited to have a day with him on the town and no children! Any other 'date' time was the evening, which is nice, but Grande Prairie doesn't have much for entertainment, so it was always dinner and a movie (which we're still doing!) but again, I'm just happy to have a day with my man!
SO- fingers crossed that this publishes this time!! And you all have a happy thanksgiving :D

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