Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just an Update

Well- it's a slow going business. I really would like to sell some of the things I make- but I really don't know how to go about it. Ebay and Etsy and the Farmer's Market are all very overwhelming. So I've just started on Facebook and that is going slowly. It isn't that I haven't been commisioned to help on a creative project or anything like that- but my idea of selling for profit kinda looms over me. I mean- what if I don't do well and I have spent a small fortune getting started? Or what if I do start out and demand exceeds supply? Sigh. It's tough... I have no idea how others do it. Maybe they are just more daring than I am. I would like to see this take off- maybe I need to branch out beyond "facebook". Especially considering I am only basically charging for supplies. LOL- my mother in law is a wonderful woman- but very worried about mine and my husband's financial situation. She doesn't want me to quit crafting, but is a bit worried about the amount I can spend on it. Especially when Chris gets worried and then burdens her with his worry. The result? She told him I should sell my stuff. Well, he got a bit paranoid- thinking she meant my desk and cricut and tools etc. Chris was like "I can't ask Brandie to do that- we've put so much money into it and she loves doing it!!!" to which his mother gave him the 'look' (LOL) and then told him that her idea is IF I want to buy supplies, I have to earn the money by selling what I make. I actually find this more of a compliment that and insult (regarding my spending- cuz lets face it- the woman ain't wrong!!!) So this is the way I can help my family by being more cost concious- but like I said- my worry lies in 'where to start?' So I guess I'm going to branch out and start a slide show on here of what I've already made. Most, if not all, have already been given away- but it's really easy to re-make something, especially if you have a photo as a guide.

Funny thing is though, I've gotten requests from friends at church for cards and such, so here is one of my first 'sales': a Thank You card for my friend. It was funny because she said it'll look like she's sucking up to her sister-in-law. So I thought hmmm, next time she needs a card I'll be a jerk (in jest) and just fold a peice of plain paper in half and write (handwrite) thanks on the front. LOL- I'd have a 'real' card for her- but I do like small jokes in which no one is hurt- and she's a good sport :D So here is the card I made her. I do love the composition- prolly stole from one of the talented people at SCS- and I'm thinking of using this layout again!

So busy season is coming up and I've got a bit to-do. Not only do I have my own Christmas cards and gifts to make, I am hoping to expand my business a bit and hopefully get some Christmas requests. Top that all off with family stuff, friends and hubby (class all of his own) I think I may finally rest after the holidays!!! But that's it for now. I am making some scrumptious (or at least I hope!) thumbprint cookies. It finally snowed here today- which knowing Northern Alberta weather- should have happened two months ago- seriously! So my house is cozy and the smell of PB cookies (gunna be filled with chocolate fudge!) is lingering in the air. Almost time to pick up the kiddos and then being as it's brisk and not frosty- take in some of the mild winter weather before it becomes too cold to even venture down the block! Take care and happy crafting :D

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