Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey Guys!!

Sorry that I have been a bad poster lately. I have so much on the go that I've kinda gone robot and just shut down. Now I've got so much on my plate and I wonder how I'll do it all? I need to stop procrastinating on this damned thing (facebook is a baaaaaaaaaaad vice of mine!) and start sitting at my OTHER desk and getting some of my artwork done. There are some to come- some I am really excited about to share and even a cool tutorial that I can't wait to make and share :D I just want to make sure that I get it all done. I don't know WHY I do this to myself. Every year it's the same old thing- I put off everything until last minute and then WHAM, I am scurrying around to finish half projects. I just wanted to let anyone who reads my blog to know that I haven't forgotten about them ;D.
Being as I am a chronic list maker, I will share my list one here- and if ANYONE has any ideas on how to get more time-organized- please share. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share- LOL!
I have 2 mini backpacks that a friend of mine ordered for her child's teacher and needs done by the end of the week- not too bad.
I need to finish 8 cards and 16 envies for my mom's WAAAAAAAAAY belated b-day present- not too bad either cuz I have plans in place for those! - and I want them done this week so I can give them to her at church on Sunday.
A friend of mine wants 30 baby invites and 2 diaper bag totes- now we're getting a bit stressed. I need to wait til the baby comes to even start- cuz I don't even know what the gender is!! And I don't know about you guys, yea- pink and blue DO get overdone- but when you don't know the gender and go neutral- that gets a bit old hat too! PLUS I want to try doing them flip card style- something I haven't done yet!
Tutorial 1 is something I have cookin' that I want to do for a: my friend's son's birthday for a centerpeice/party favours. I don't want to get choo choo choo much away (wink) but I think it'll be awesome!!
Tutorial 2 is kinda lifted from the Martha Stewart line- and I will need to make 2 large and 4 small ones as Christmas gifts.
I have a free template for Lauren Meader's (good lord that girl has skills!!!) Stocking Stuffers- so I will shrink mine and make favours for the kid's classes- that'll be about 35 of them due by the 18th...
Another friend wants some brandiecrates as Christmas gifts... again, I wont know til later!!
Again- lifting from Mrs. Meader- I saw a cute box card thing and I though of lifting it and using it for my Christmas cards this year- as I tend to make candy as well. When I post this, I will also post the link to hers on her site so she gets the cred for this brilliant idea. I need to make 10 of these.
And some regular Christmas cards to mail out.
AIGH!!! Not to mention sleigh ride at the church, Christmas decorating this Saturday at my house, my birthday coming up AND the fact I have stuff for sale on facebook. I think I may bow outta that soon cuz only one person ever bought anything. Or I'll give a due date : "orders have to be in by December 18th" or something. Last thing I want is for all my list up above to be crowded out by other people's orders. Aigh. I've done it again tho- bitten off more than I can chew- here's hoping that next year I'll be a bit better organized- and ladies (gents?) again, any ideas KEEP 'EM COMIN'!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!

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