Monday, October 27, 2008

Snowflake Follies Set.

Okay- so I'm not the best at updating :P But I'm getting there!! I'm trying to incorporate craftin' in my everyday life and want to share my creations with you!
So a few days ago my church celebrated it's 10th anniversary, which was pretty cool, and I got to help by making the invites, favours and programmes. I really didn't feel that it stretched me all that creatively so I decided to donate a door prize with a basket full of goodies. Two crates, one with chocolates and one with coffees and then three sets of gift cards. Well, I also have a facebook account and my friend really liked one of the sets of cards and wanted it- so here I am making it again with a technique that I worked with. I don't know if anyone else has done it- but I didn't see it anywheres- but I know for a fact great minds think alike- so I won't take the credit on this one... just in case :D

So- of course I don't have the best camera- or lighting- so please bear with me. I ran a 3.75x3.75 peice of WHITE cardstock through my Cuttlebug (BEST B-DAY PRESENT EVER!!!!- love you honey :D) I used the snowflake folder (OH- go to their site and check out some of their new embossing and 2 step folders- I want them!) ANYWAYS-LOL- I just ran that through my cuttlebug.

Then I tried highlighting the embossing- which I have seen before. But I tried doing a lighter colour first (the catseyes from ColorBox are perfect for this work!) and then the darker colour. I've done this before with three different shades of blue- very pretty! Or even using three different colours, like yellow, orange and pink- just make sure you use the lighter colour first.

Then using glitter glue (I don't have stickles, but I think they may work) I splotched some on my peice of cardstock and just swirled it on with some foam brushes in a circle motion. It does need to dry, and wait til it's completly dry, or it'll get goopy. As I've said, I don't have stickles, so I didn't use them- maybe they dry better- I don't know. I just like the glitter effect- and it makes a great back ground :D

And there's the finished card using your peice of cardstock as a nice element to a card. The other elements I used were mixing glitter and fine embossing powder together (equal parts). I then stamped snowflakes on vellum and used my mixture to heat emboss it- be very careful tho! You could either scortch or blister your vellum! (that is the strip under the ribbon). Then I used the same technique on a square of vellum that I placed OVER my stamped saying- to give it a 'frosted window' look (that was my hubby's idea- and he says he's not creative!)
So yea- that's my Christmas card- I may change my own for this year- these were my favorite but a card is like a nice dress- you simply can't be seen with the same one as someone else!! LOL so that's it for now- bye!

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