Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Cards

So a quick post for today- as I haven't really scrapped much latley- so I don't have anything really new to share. Yesterday was a VERY productive day for me (don'tcha love those!). I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom (not too hard considering it's a two bed, 1 bath apartment). I made a roast for dinner, finished laundry and even finished a birthday card for a friend of mine!

<-Closed card
Open card ->
So yeah, I was pretty impressed with the accomplishements of yesterday. It's always nice when everything is done- but tough as a mom when the very next day you're starting all over again. I had clean dishes, but now my full dishwasher needs to be unloaded and put away. I had laundry done, but with a family of five the hamper is almost half full again. My once clean carpet has chocolate cupcake crumbs all over it. Sigh. That's the life of a SAHM tho right? Work is never done. At least there's always time for stampin' to take some stress out of the day!

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