Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Infamous Milk Crate- Finally

For all of you that have been oh-so-patiently waiting I say this: Thank you. I have a blog already- but have NO CLUE how to imbed pictures- and as I am a teacher not a preacher, I have to SHOW what I'm doing, not just tell cuz then I'd get us both lost. And now- we begin :D
8.5x11 sheet of cardstock
Stamps, ink, embossing powder, ribbons
Cutter, scoring tool
Score height wise at 3 and again at 5.5 inches.

Score each side at 1 and 10/16- this is perfect when doing milk cartons or one carton and one box. However, if you are doing two boxes side by side it is pretty crowded, so you may want to score at 1 and 12/16 if you are doing 2 boxes (tutorial to follow!)

Cut sides as shown inward. I put sticky strip as shown PLUS one peice of sticky strip along the top of the second cut peice.
As you can see in the bottom picture, there is adhesive strips on the outside parts of the second strips. You may want to release some of the backing as it is VERY HARD to do that after the sides go up!

I would suggest that if you are going to stamp right on the paper, to do so now. What I like to do to make my own patterned paper is to mix equal parts fine embossing powder and either fun flock or fine glitter. This adds texture to your paper and is fun as a gift!
Bringing the front outter side up and adhere it to the inner flap. Then bring the larger side up and adhere it to both the front and inner flaps- as shown here. This is so when you have the crates back to back you can cover the seams or make them look like they are supposed to be there by putting an embelishment there.

TRICKY PART!!! This is folding the inner tab up so it is sturdier. As you can see- THIS is why I pealed part of backing off. Try using dull scissors or tweezer to help you peal the backing off all the way. My favourite is the Double Stick Tape by Thermo Web- it's less expensive than ProvoCraft and is just as tough!

Sorry this shot is blurry- but the next step is to take your crate and set it on it's side. Using a ruler and exacto knife, cut from the corner of the bottom to the corner at the top, as shown, to give it a finished look. Do this to both sides.

Now- make another one!

Now to the fun part! If you haven't decorated your paper yet, and now want a fun alternative. Take a peice of cardstock and decorate it seperately. I took a new clear Snowflake stamp set from Inkadinkado found at Michaels and some silver ink and silver embossing poweder and made <--- this. THEN I cut it into peices, one 11x8.5 sheet is enough for 4 peices of 2.5x5.25(ish) for covering.

I used my fiskars border punch to add details to it. You can scallop it, add another peice of paper over it, or what have you- possiblities are endless! So here are the adhered peices. I did do this after I assembled the crates- but it is easier to do it BEFORE they've been assembled.

Now put sticky strip all over the backside of one crate. I like to outline the edges, and then add a few peices in the centre for added strength.

Setting each crate back to back- carefully adhere them to eachother. I find it easier to keep them down so you can align the sides. Then press together and VOILA- time to decorate the rest!

I cut a peice of 2.5x3- but you can make it whatever size you want to fit the side panels. Go the entire length of the box- do a small square in the middle- HAVE FUN! That's the main thing right?

To do the front panels- I like the scalloped finish. In my previous SCS uploads, I had used my Cricut and Mini Monograms at 3 inches. Over top of that, I had typed my lable- either two or three times- using the Word Art program available on any Microsoft office suite. I used the curved option, and then when it was done, I selected my font, typed my lable, using a * if I was naming it more than once (2-3 times gives it a nice cirlce) so when you hit 'insert' you have a huge curve, then you go to word art options- choose circle- and then it should be a circle (see what I mean about me explaining things?). I then finagle my way into the perfect size and then print, and cut using my fiskars circle cutter. But HERE I just used my 2.5 inch square scalloped and then layerd them with simple squares.

Check out SCS tutorials to find out how to do their milk cartons or 2-4-6-8 boxes (which I score at the same intervals as the milk carton so they are the same size). The boxes I use for this is like that, but different. So here are the directions for those!

6x11 peice of decorated cardstock for each box you'd like
4.5x4.5 peice of cardstock for each lid
cutting and scoring tool
Decorate cardstock as you see fit. I again, LOVE stamping and embossing!

I used the same colour as the crate itself for cardstock, but then as you add decorative elements they all work together. IF you are going to add a window- do this to the second panel from the left- this will be the front panel, keeping the tab to the back. I like using vellum as an underlay to my window- and again, doing what you want, you can leave it or add a lable or whatever you like!

To make the lid, take your 4.5x4.5 cardstock (here I used my accent colour with the silver ink and same stamps as the decorative elements of the crate). Score at JUST under 1 inch on each side (about 15/16ths of an inch) so it's just big enough to fit overtop). The cut and adhere just like you would a box itself. There is the finished box!!

And there you go! I only made two boxes to show you how it would look, but the crate fits four! Also, add a tag if you'd like, as I've added to some of my previous crates. They are awesome gifts! So buy or make some candies, buy or make so cocoa mixes or even add small gifts and make it pink or blue for a baby shower- possibilites are endless- and I would LOVE to see your take on them- I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial- and now- I gotta figure out how to fix the layout- TTFN!

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