Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Peice of Cake!

cakecakecakecakecake! :D
I love cake :) We had my son's birthday party today- I get scared about inviting too many people, so I only let the kids invite 8-10 friends and then only a couple of them show up- it doesn't matter. Gabe had fun anyways. The little bugger wanted a Lightening McQueen cake. Now, I don't have a pic as my camera is dead- but it turned out... okay? I like cake decorating and find it fun, but I definatly need more practice! But it was for some 4/5/6 yr olds so I don't think they'd be near as picky as I am! My arm is KILLING me- first from playing hard on drums on Rock Band last night with some friends of ours, then from SQUEEEEEZING out black icing. I didn't that the other icing colours were easier to use because they were thinner. I needed to add black icing colour to brown (chocolate) icing for a nice black colour- but because the icing was homemade, the black was thicker than the rest and harder than anything to try to squeeze out. I'll need to remember to thin it with some corn syrup next time.
So that's cake part 1.
Cake part 2 is me trying for the first time, paper cakes :) OMGosh are they ever fun and easy! On a side note- I wanted to make a cake and some cake 'peices' for samples for my on-line Facebook store- so I found the tutorial/template on Splitcoast and made a 1 tier cake with some samples. About my store- I only had it up for 1 day and I already have over 50 'fans'- so that's pretty awesome! Lots of work and lots of revanue (hopefully!) I just need to be better at time managment and procrastinate less.
Anyways- back to cake- here's my take on the infamous paper cake (SO MUCH FUN!) very easy- but somewhat time consuming:
I used some cream coloured cardstock, flourished stamp set and some gold ink and embossing powder. The stamping was pretty tedious, and I have no idea how I'd close up the backs of the boxes while making them pretty- I don't want people to have to wreak the box to open it- any suggestions out there? The flowers are all from Prima and there are gold and crystal stickles and some Michaels ribbon. So this is the only full cake I made, I then made some sample 'slices' so I wouldn't have to make a bunch of full cakes- but I'd still show people a variety.
These were super easy and so much fun to make- so here are some photos of the different peices. The materials are pretty much the same: Stampin' Around Wheels, Clear stamps by Inkadinkado, ribbons from Michaels, flowers from Prima and Stickles. I also used my cricut on the monkey one. SO! (I needed to squeeze a 'so' in there!) that's it for now- thanks for stopping by- ~Brandie~

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tmorrow said...

your cake boxes are fantastic. I love every1 of them. Hope your son had a great bday.