Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Martha Stewart Inspiration

I love packaging. Sometimes, my favourite thing to do is go around gourment coffee shops or holiday gift shops, card shops, that sort of thing is check out the packaging so I can lift it into the paper crafting world. I bought myself some Martha Stewart border punches and the box they come in is so cute and I thought: why not manipulate it into becoming a gift box? With a few tweeks and twists I came up with this, using a broken down border punch box as a template:
Now I realized after the fact that it looks a lot like one of Lauren Meader's timeless templates. I did NOT get the template from Papertrey Ink- tho I do support their products. They are an amazing company and I think Lauren is completly talented- but what can I say- great minds think alike? lol- maybe I'm becoming a bit more like my mentor! YAY!
So I just wanted to share this little tid-bit. Try it yourself- find a cute box, tear it apart, measure the dimenssions and make your own cute packaging. With Christmas coming sooner than we would like to admit, finding creative inspiration whereever you can makes it easier. I don't know about you all- but I find it easier to make cute packages and fill them with homemade goodies over trying to shop for every single person on my list. It's more personal and usually cheaper too!
So thanks for stopping by.

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Sophia said...

You did a great job! Unfortunately, I had to mutilate the packaging to get my border punch set out, so I can't go back and measure it. But thanks for the idea - I'll have to try it!